​Ideal for use on hands and skin as well as bathrooms, kitchens and on high use items such as door handles and taps.

A single application of Hanz Hand Sanitiser not only eliminates and inactivates bacteria, but also prevents reinfection by maintaining a long lasting protective barrier. Other hand sanitisers on the market today are primarily ethyl or isopropyl alcohol formulations, which are largely antibacterial in nature and only provide protection for a few minutes.

  • Kills 99.99% of germs (fully tested)
  • Safe for use with Children - No Toxic Warning on the label
  • Offers ongoing barrier protecting for hours
  • Alcohol free formula
  • Moisturises your hands
  • No damage to dryness of skin 

Hours protection against germs
Hanz Hand Sanitiser uses unique antibacterial technology that not only kills on contact, but also has persistent activity that helps prevent infections. The persistence of Hanz Hand Sanitiser has been shown to remain effective for hours.

Alcohol free formula
Most hand sanitisers contain high percentages of alcohol to poison germs, generally over 62%. This creates a highly flammable, poisonous mix that carries with it opportunity for being ingested, amongst other factors. Constant use of alcohol based hand sanitisers also has the effect of drying out your skin, leading to irritation and cracking. Hanz Hand Sanitiser is water based and contains no alcohol. It’s also non-flammable, and non-poisonous, making it safer for the whole family.

Kills 99.99% of germs. 
Hanz Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of the germs it comes in contact with by disrupting the outer cell membranes resulting in a physical kill. This physical kill ensures microorganisms don’t adapt or become resistant over time.  This product has been fully tested to 1 BS EN 1276: 2019 test method

Moisturises your hands
Hanz Hand Sanitiser is water-based moisturiser that leaves your hands feeling fresh and soft. It's been designed to be non-irritating, leaving a fresh citronella fragrance once applied.

Personal use:
Apply approximately 1ml (about the size of a thumb nail) to the palm of one hand rub onto both sides of each hand and lower arms.  Do not rinse.
Contact surfaces:
Ensure surfaces are clean and dry.  Moisten a microfibre cloth with sanitiser and apply to the entire area to be treated.

Water, Thickener, Glycerine, Quaternary ammonium compounds, Diazolidinyl urea, Defoamer, Laurylamine dipropylenediamine, Chloromethylisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Fragrance
1 BS EN 1276: 2019 test method

Hanz Hand Sanitiser is non-toxic and gentle on the skin, however standard precautions are recommended.
Apply to a small area of your skin first in case of allergic reaction.
Avoid getting product into your eyes, ears or mouth. If this occurs flush with water.
Store in an upright position.
Dispose by rinsing container and placing in municipal recycling collection where available

Suitable for children aged 3 years of age and over (parental guidance required for infants). Designed for safe use with children.  Ideal for use in schools.


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